Saturday, June 27, 2009

30 years young and facing reality.

Yesterday was my darling husbands 30th birthday! He is such a wonderful person and he does not like alot of attention being drawn to himself. Last weekend when his parents were in town we celebrated with some good friends. But last night he just wanted to watch a movie and eat pizza and cuddle. But before he got home I went to the store and bought a mini-birthday cake and lit some candles and scattered some 30 confetti all over our table. I just wanted to do something special but small. For his birthday my whole family pitched in and today we are going to go pick out a video camera. But I already promised my mother she will not have to sit through a replay of the birth! The camera is for after the birth when Kennedy is clean and out of my belly completely!!!!

On Thursday I received an email at work. It was letting everyone know in our division, the 12 most western states excluding Hawaii and California, that there will be layoffs this coming Tuesday. So on Tuesday morning they are asking everyone to stay home and if you have lost your job you will receive a phone call letting you know. I feel that my job is safe, mainly because I run programs and work directly with patients and volunteers. But you never know! So when I got this news of course I started to worry. I am about to have a baby and things would be a lot more complicated and stressful if I did not have a job. So I texted my mom and asked her how much extra room she had at her house because she might have 3 extra roommates really soon! I know its out of my hands and honestly if I lost my job it would be a blessing in disguise because it would mean that we could get closer to home a lot sooner. We have been talking about moving back within the next 18 months. We are not set on moving back to Oklahoma, we wouldn't mind Texas, Colorado, Missouri, or even Tennessee. But that is completely out of our hands. Its not that Vegas is a horrible place to live. We are so close to California and Utah and so many cool things you have to drive hours to access in Oklahoma. The weather is perfect, even now in June. We live ina beautiful home and we have made some really great friends. But there is NO sense of community here. There are small pockets but they are so spotty they are almost impossible to find. People come to Vegas to strike it rich or to play. People dont come to Vegas to raise families and meet lots of great people. And we both miss our families so much. I am so close to my mom and sisters and I want Kennedy to know her Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles. Its just not the place for us to raise a family. But I will say it has been the best thing for Aaron and I's marriage. We have grown and challenged and stretched more than we would have it we would have stayed where it was "comfortable" in Oklahoma.

I know this is a long post but this past week has been pretty busy. I am know 38 weeks pregnant and counting and I will have Aaron take some pictures today and I will post some of my belly. I am sure it seems like baby stuff is all I write about so it was nice to be able to focus on something else. Because there will be lots of baby stuff after she is born!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Nesting, baking and loving!!

Aaron and I are going to purchase a small freezer to go in our garage mainly because our freezer is tiny. But with the new addition shortly on her way we want to make sure we have enough room for all things that come with having a baby and being on maternity leave. Next weekend is our true and final free weekend before Kennedy arrives, we will do something on the 4th if she is not here by then. And I want to spend the weekend making yummy casseroles, breads and goodies to freeze so when she arrives I don't have to stress about meals. Soooo, would you please post your favorite recipes for breads, casseroles or dishes that would freeze well so I can make them!!! I love to try new and fun recipes so I am open for anything!!!

I am 37 weeks today and I cant wait. I am so ready for this little girl to be here so I can love on her and kiss her and snuggle with her. And as Fathers Day approaches I just keep thinking how great Aaron is going to be as a dad. Most of you know I didn't have a father around growing up and I missed out on alot but this little lady will have the best dad in the world! I will post pics of Aaron's father-to-be gift. Its a good one!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baby K's Room

Here are some more photos of the baby's room. I just got done attempting to shave my legs. This is not an easy task when you are 9 months pregnant!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

36 Weeks and Counting

Well its almost D day!!!! I have been so busy lately just trying to get certain things in order around the house and finish Kennedy's room. It just seems like the week are flying by and dragging on all at the same time. I am 36 weeks and 3 days. At the end of this week I will be considered full term. Which means this little lady could arrive anytime soon. I think she will be late. I am hoping that she come right around her due date of July 10th though. I will work right up to the 10th and then if she is not here by then I will be begging my OB to induce me!!!!! My mom is all set to come out the 15th of July unless she arrives earlier!! I have finally finished her nursery. I have photos but I don't have them on my flash drive with me at work. I will post them tonight or tomorrow. I don't know if anyone caught the Today Show on Saturday morning but there was a little girl missing her last day of school to hear the president speak. Her name was Kennedy and when she told the president her name (so he could write her a note excusing her from school) he said her name was cool. So my daughters name has been officially endorsed by the president!!!! Not to shabby! I will post pictures later.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Life seems very profound yet very simple right now. I know that things are about to drastically change with the arrival of Kennedy. But it is very hard to prepare for the completely unexpected!!!! And for those of you who know me or even care to read this blog I am a planner and organizer. Of course there are certain things that I can plan and prepare for but for the most part everything about this little bundle of joy is going to be new, exciting, scary and unexpected.
As the due dates inches closer I feel like my life is moving in slow motion. I know its coming and I know she has to come out one way or another but I am completely lost as to how to wrap my mind around the event that awaits me in the next few weeks. Aaron and I have been getting her nursery all ready and her clothes and blankets washed. It is making it all the more real. But at the same time it still seems like we are playing make believe. Like its not really real! I am sure these are normal thoughts but I feel like I am in a fog some days!