Wednesday, March 3, 2010


We are headed to Oklahoma at the end of the month for a fun filled, busy bee, week. There will be showers for toasting, marshmallows for roasting, and carolers out in the snow. Well, minus the toasty marshmallows and snow! But seriously there will showers, retirement parties, luncheons, and lots and lots of cuddles and kisses for miss Kennedy. I cant wait. I always look forward to going home. And Lord willing we will get to move back sooner than later!

Its hard to tell from this photo but she is smiling! She cracks herself up every time she sees herself in the mirror. Good trait to have, the ability to laugh at yourself!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I have been putting off posting for a while because I wasn't sure if I could do it without crying! This past month, really ever since December, has been really rough. We have been through 2 rounds of RSV, luckily neither one severe. But nonetheless hard to go through with a 7 month old. We have had our first and second ear infections. I was hoping she would miss these because she is still nursing. She has gotten her two bottom teeth and has started to realize when Mommy and Daddy are not around, or when we leave the room. And on top of all that Aaron and I have realized that Oklahoma is where we belong.

We have had a lot of good experiences in Vegas and have made some great friends. But we are Okies at heart and we are trying to get home as soon as possible. Aaron has been looking but as everyone knows the job market is really tough right now. But we need, want, desire for family to be close by. Last week when we were taking Kennedy to the doctor for the 5th time this month (maybe due to me over reatcing, but also 2 ear infections and RSV) I called my mom and just broke down. I wanted my mommy! I don't want to move home so we have free babysitters, even though it would be nice to share a date with my hubby every now and again. I want to move home so Kennedy, and any future kids can experience what I never had. Being close to grandparents and uncles and aunts and cousins (come on Lacy and Bryce, wink wink)!!! Some people may say we are quitters or weak for not being able to be happy out here without family close by. But those people don't matter. So for the time being we are praying and searching for the right opportunities to get us home.