Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Love and Motherhood

Words fail me when I try to describe how much I love my Kennedy Grace. Pardon the cheesy saying, but she is the light of my life. She makes me happy when I have had a rough day at work or I am not feeling so happy about living in Vegas. There are so many things that she does that melts my heart. I will list just a few;

-When I go in to get her in the morning, before her eyes are even open, I say "good morning sunshine" and her little face breaks into a huge smile. (melting)
-Every time I look at her these days she smiles so big. I know understand the saying "grinning from ear to ear".
-She talks to me on the way home from her school. She will babble and I will respond or ask her questions. Bonding!
-When I am burping her at night right before I lay her down and she has that milk drunk (official term, I promise) look on her face and her eyes are heavy with impending sleep and she lays that little head on my shoulder and goes limp from exhaustion.I love it. It means that she is totally at peace being in my arms.
-The little noises and cry's she makes when she is so tired but refuses to go to sleep. They are funny because I know that she is dry, fed and just needs to nap. She will lay in my arms, eyes closed and her pacifier hanging out like a cigar and wine because she is so sleepy.

The love I have for her is unmatched. I love everything about her sweet little face. It pains me to see her growing so quickly, I am not ready to have her be a big girl quite yet.! When are done reading to her at night Aaron and I pray over and for her. I want her to be happy, healthy and safe. Writing this now brings tears to my eyes because I love her so much and miss her terribly during the day. She is my little pumkin pie love muffin!