Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Smell of Rain

When I woke up this morning I did so in a panic. I did not hear anything, it was quiet. I quickly looked next to the bed and did not see my daughter. Then I rolled over and did not see my husband. I then looked at the clock it read 8:45. My Darling Husband had changed Kennedy's diaper around 6:00 and had taken her downstairs so I could sleep in. That was a nice surprise and something I desperately needed. When I came downstairs I saw that it was overcast. This is not completely foreign to Las Vegas but something that doesn't happen very often. And when it does it rarely produces rain. But to my great surprise when I was running errands this morning I actually got sprinkled on! It was so nice. My fellow Las Vegans were running around trying to get out of the rain while I slowed my pace so I could enjoy the brief moments of cool rain. Don't get me wrong, I love the sun and for eight months of the year we have beautiful weather. But sometimes I enjoy a nice cloudy day, a day that allows me to be lazy and comfy at home with my family. Living in a place where it doesn't rain that often I treasure the moments when I can stop and feel the drops on my skin and smell the musty hints of humidity.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sad Sad Day

Here are some pictures of my little ladybug! Today I am taking stuff to Kennedy's "School" to get her ready to go on Monday. I am calling it school, instead of daycare, because I like the way it sounds. Denial? Maybe but it makes me feel better. I am taking her diaper bag with all of her goodies and a mobile for her crib. It is very sad and I am having a VERY VERY HARD TIME coming to grips with the fact that on Monday morning at 8 a.m. I will have to leave my daughter in someone elses hands and trust them to care for her and love her until I can get her every day at 5:00. Its heartbreaking. I am prepared to cry like a baby, if you will, on Monday and probably every day following that week. These past six weeks have gone by way to quickly and I am trying to soak up every moment with her.

Monday, August 3, 2009

What to do? Help.

As I type this very post my darling husband is upstairs trying to quiet and soothe our 3 week old baby girl. The past couple of days it seems she has been plagued with gas. Therefore she will eat and then an hour later be inconsolable and hungry again because she has taken in to much air and not enough milk. I am still learning what her cries mean and how to meet her needs. It is so hard to hear her scream and cry and not be exactly sure how to make it better. Its exhausting and draining and heartbreaking. If any moms have any suggestions on how to make sure baby is getting a good latch and how to help with the gas issues I welcome the comments. We are using mylicon when we feed her but it doesn't seem to be helping much. Help!!!!