Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Time Flies

My baby girl, my boo boo bear, my snuggle muffin, my poodle doodle turns 6 months old today! I really find that hard to believe. I remember going to the hospital, and waiting for Kennedy to be born. It was all in slow motion. But it seems like the moment she entered the world the fast forward button was hit. Its amazing how much she has changed. She loves to smile and laugh and loves to be tickled! She loves to grab things, especially my face if its in range. She loves to cuddle with her daddy and I love to see their bond grow every day. She has so much personality and spunk. She has attitude (I wonder where she got that from) and she knows she is the queen of the household. She has realized that Baxter and Rudy can be grabbed! She follows them (with her eyes for now) around the room. I love her so much and thinking about her makes me miss her little cheeky face so much. I cant believe that in 6 short months my baby girl will be one. That is WAY to much for me to handle today!

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